Create the life & relationship you truly desire and be happy abroad

You moved for love.

Maybe you moved to your partner’s country.
Maybe you took that step together because a career opportunity showed up.

The decision to do it was quickly made: you do love exploring and discovering after all. The excitement was big in the first couple of months.
But now the first excitement settled and reality caught up with you. And all of a sudden you find yourself disillusioned. You didn’t get the life you dreamed of when making the decision to move.

You often feel overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck. You feel left alone with he errands and chores of daily life. In the evenings you’re mostly exhausted.

The true happiness, authentic connection and unburdened freedom that you so achingly long for? They seem to be lightyears away.

If that is you, then you have come to the right place.

My mission is to support help expat partners and intercultural couples to
create the life & relationship they truly desire and be happy abroad.

Be happy abroad: 1-on-1 coaching

Pick your preferred package to find happiness, connection and freedom in your life abroad.

3-months package:

Design the
life you love

Create your authentic life for more happiness & freedom

6-months package:

Live the
life you love

Experience more
belonging & connection

9-months package:

Lead the
life you love

Step into your full potential
& be truly happy abroad

Your happiness matters

My name is Franziska Luxhøj and I am here to support and empower you to be happy abroad.

This mission is close to my heart, because I have been there. I was the expat partner, who was not thriving abroad. So I know my fair share about all the up’s and down’s of being the trailing spouse.

And I decided to transform my life and turn things around.

Today, I take the powerful combination of personal experience, solid theoretical knowledge and a professional coaching training to help you achieve the same.

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Are you looking for a community of like-minded women to ask questions,
find support and un-grump about the frustrations of expat partner life right now?