A warm Welcome to you

Do you feel stuck in one way or another? Do you somehow sense that you have much more potential in you than you are showing right now?

Are you secretly longing for more joy, abundance and freedom?

I know that feeling! That was me a couple of years back. No matter what I was doing, I wasn’t 100% fulfilled. I wasn’t really unhappy either, but I sensed that there must be more to life, that I had so much more potential in me. Deep inside I knew that I could have a greater impact, make a bigger difference and lead the life that I loved. 

My individual authentic path to making the Life I Love my reality led me through a coaching training. My mission now is to support others on their journey to discover, design, live and Lead the Life they Love. Because I believe that happier and more fulfilled people make the world a better place. And because I love witnessing the change people go through when starting to experience more joy, abundance and freedom.

How I guide you on your journey

The process of personal growth starts with a decision. Your decision to change something in your life, to leave the safe harbour and to go on to discover better ways to utilise your full potential – and make the Life you Love your reality. 

My role as a coach is to trigger new insights, to deepen your self-awareness, to cheer you on and challenge you to dare big. To comfort you and acknowledge your progress. To make your progress visible, so you are able to appreciate it too, because we tend to be our own worst critic.

Start your journey towards the Life you Love

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