How much time do you have to remain stuck?

Are you feeling stuck in your life in one way or another?
Do you somehow sense that you have much more potential in you than you are living right now?
Are you secretly longing for more happiness, connection and freedom in your life?
One year from now, your life looks exactly the same as now. Yes, you have probably been on vacation, maybe gained some new experiences, saw new places, felt inspired by a couple of things. But you still haven’t decided to get unstuck, to fill your life with more fulfillment and happiness.
How does that thought make you feel?
How about if it is still the same in three years from now?
In five?

Change is scary, uncomfortable and overwhelming

I get it. Change is scary, uncomfortable and overwhelming. Probably you also have a lot of good things going for you. Maybe you have a successful career, a loving family, caring friends, a beautiful house, financial stability. You have so much to be grateful for. Why give all that up and start on the path less taken? 
The easy way out is to find tons of reasons not to change. To remain at status quo. To remain stuck with what is familiar, what you feel comfortable with and what you know how to do. 
Let’s have a closer look at what keeps you from becoming unstuck. 

Change is Scary

You don’t know at all times where exactly you’re going. You don’t know what your future will look like. You don’t know what your path to get there looks like, who you are becoming in the process and how that affects everything in your life. With everything, I mean the job you do, your friendships, your relationships with family members, your financial situation, your social environment, the opportunities you get in life.

You simply don’t know with certainty – and that is what makes it scary.

Certainty is, after all, one of our core human needs. Uncertainty/variety is as well, but you can find that in different and smaller – and definitely less scary – ways than turning your entire life upside down, right?

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Change is Uncomfortable

Making big things happen will make you feel uncomfortable. Probably it already makes you feel uncomfortable just thinking about it. The insecurity combined with the almost certain knowledge that making the change happen will require you to act differently, to take bolder action, to break out of patterns and old habits. Wow, that feels uncomfortable!
Trust me, I get it. I’ve been there, and did indeed often times feel uncomfortable. Or let me rephrase that, it DOES feel uncomfortable. 

You see, I have this big vision.
My dream is to impact hundreds, no – thousands!, of expat partners by helping them transform their abroad experience and create the life they love away from home. Because I believe that happier and more fulfilled people make the world a better place. And because I love witnessing the change people go through when starting to experience more happiness, connection and freedom.

"The classic definition of 'crazy' is
to continue to do things the same way
and expect different results."

Henry & Karen Kinsey-House

Gaining clarity and gathering courage

Just three years ago, I had no idea that I had this huge desire and compelling vision inside of me. One year ago, my vision wasn’t yet nearly as clear and compelling as it is now. The path to reach this clarity and go for it was filled with lots of scary moments, uncomfortable knowing of what I need to do, in which big ways I have to move out of my comfort zone. 
Announcing it in this clarity – that my mission is to impact so many lives in a positive way – is still a stretch. It feels bold! Maybe even kind of megalomaniac. But is it really? Deep inside I know it’s not. Deep inside I know is is within my reach, that I do have the talents, positive presence and expertise to create that impact and legacy. AND I do know with absolute certainty that this requires me to make bold statements, to show up courageously, to be vulnerable and become visible in big ways. 
Uncomfortable? Most definitely!
Inspiring, rewarding, fulfilling? More than anything!
So what are you ready to do today? In which ways are you going to challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone?

Change is Overwhelming

So that is down to the practical approach. The overwhelm of not knowing where to start. How do you get unstuck? How do you figure out what you want your legacy to be? How do you gain absolute clarity about who you are and who you want to become intentionally to be able to manifest whatever you feel drawn to manifest?

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It all starts with a Decision

And the decision is yours. Yes, you read that right. You have the power to decide, the power to get in the driver’s seat and change your life towards more fulfillment, happiness, energy and drive. Towards more Joy, Abundance and Freedom. 
How to get to the point where it is time for YOU to make that decision?
  • After any stimulus you receive, there is a window for you to decide how you respond. This window is longer for some people and shorter for others. And probably there even is a difference for any individual, depending on what the situation is. Some stimuli that are a strong trigger for you, will make the window smaller and elicit an immediate and strong reaction from you. While other triggers don’t. Observe yourself and create awareness about your responses. What this is about is: notice the CHOICE you have. YOU get to decide!
  • Feel the empowerment that this new insight gives you. You are a leader. The leader of your own life.
  • Stop finding reasons, which is making up excuses really, and take responsibility for your own fulfillment and happiness.  Take personal leadership and make that decision to change today!

Decide to not settle with less any more

This decision is about leaving the safe harbour, in which you are to some degree a victim of your circumstances. Instead you walk towards a future, in which you are a personal leader. A person who leads their own life consciously and intentionally. Who is aware of the choices and responsibilities you have in life. The choices and responsibilities you have for your own feeling of fulfilment and happiness. 
Once you made that decision and are ready to embark on the journey towards the Life you Love, you need to know HOW to make that happen. More about that in my next article. Stay tuned.
Your journey to make the Life you Love your reality starts with one first small step. A decision.
So what are YOU choosing today? Share with us in the comments below or send me an e-mail or a message.
Be happy abroad. Create the life you love away from home.

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