Does overwhelm & frustration get the best of you?

Does grumpiness take over in daily life? And are you getting disillusioned about your dream of living abroad?

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My name is Franziska, and I have lived in five different countries during my adult life. Since 2007, I am an expat wife & mom since 2013.

During this time I have lived through many joys, excitements, challenges and struggles on the journey to creating the life & relationship I really desire.

In the moment when we make the decision of settling somewhere else, often the excitement and longing for adventure is the strongest and prevalent emotion. Things can turn out quite differently though. They certainly did for me.
Somewhere along the way, I had gotten lost. I didn’t know any more what my unique skills were and how I could contribute value. Or where I saw myself in the future.

The dominant feelings were overwhelm, frustration, and being stuck. It affected all areas of my life, including the relationship with my husband. And all of this was accompanied by a feeling of guilt for even feeling that way, when I had such a “good life”. But I simply wasn’t happy and thriving.

With the combination of personal experience, professional coaching training and profound knowledge in positive psychology, change management and how to build meaningful & authentic relationships, it is now my biggest passion to help expat partners & intercultural couples to create the life & relationship they truly desire and be happy abroad.

Get your free
Happiness breakthrough guide