Insider Club – Terms and Conditions

On top of the general Terms and Conditions which can be accessed here, the following Terms and Conditions apply to any purchase of the Insider Club:

  • The success that can be expected from the service purchased is highly individual and dependent on the effort and diligence from the customer’s side. Lighthill Coaching is at all times doing their best to provide the best service possible and cannot be held liable for the individual success experienced by each client.

Renewal period and refunds

The service purchased is a recurrent subscription service and payment is to be effected in monthly or yearly instalments. The term of notice is set to one week before the next payment is due. No refund will be granted in either case. For the yearly payment plan a 28-days money back guarantee is applicable under the circumstance that the customer has taken the best effort possible to benefit from the service, but has not achieved the desired results.