How to manifest a more balanced life

Work-life balance. The buzzword has been around for a long time, and continues to challenge probably most of us. For many it means too much work, too little free time. Creating a well-balanced life is a challenge. It requires us to have deep insight into what is important to us, which values we base our decisions on and what a balanced life would actually look like for us personally. The pure desire to have less of something and more of something else, let’s say work less and have more time for family, friends, things we love to do, is not enough to establish our individual version of the perfect work-life balance. Getting there requires deep insight into your personal values and consistent action.

The Wheel of Life: one way to design a balanced life

One great tool to reflect upon this question is the Wheel of Life. Its power lies in its simplicity, while at the same time being super effective. The 8 slices represent 8 areas of life, each of which you can evaluate and then reflect upon how you would like it to be.

The Wheel of Life facilitates the process of reflecting on different areas of your life and allows you to uncover imbalances, to subsequently achieve higher balance and to become aware of positive or negative ripple effects.

How "running" positively affects most areas of my life

  • The initial motivation was in the “Health” area: first becoming, and then staying fit. Running has now become a habit that I enjoy not only because I increase fitness levels and feel healthy.
  • Running gives me energy for other things, like taking care of my son for example. (“Family & friends”)
  • I have my best ideas while running, so it has become a source of inspiration. This again is crucial in my current “career” situation. As a solo entrepreneur building my own coaching business, having and executing ideas is key to success.
  • In relation with “personal growth”, I sometimes have great insights while running.
  • On the days, where I don’t do intervals but just jog in a steady, comfortable pace, I listen to audiobooks – again something that gives extra points on “Career” and “Personal growth”.
  • Plus, running through nature, definitely also increases my feeling of being in a positive, intriguing, calming and inspiring “Physical environment”.