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"Life you Love" Insider Club

Do you feel stuck in your life in one way or another?
Do you have a nagging feeling that there must be more to life than you are experiencing right now?
Do you feel that your days are just passing by, filled with duties and errands on your list
– and way too little time for the things you truly enjoy?

Are you achingly longing for more ease, happiness and freedom?

The Insider Club is an exclusive community for YOU, who is done settling with less and eager to do the work to finally Lead the Life you Love. Weekly new inspiration is going to guide and empower you to make the Life you Love your new reality. 

Lead the Life you Love – don’t settle with less!

Results to expect from the Insider Club

  • Experience more EASE, ENERGY and DRIVE in your daily life
  • Know how to make quicker and HIGHER QUALITY DECISIONS aligned with who you are at your core
  • Find out what love looks like for you if you live up to your FULL POTENTIAL
  • Live a life filled with JOY, ABUNDANCE and FREEDOM

Doors are open now and will close until 2019 in


Option 1: Insider Club Basic

This is for you if you love to consume new information by yourself, work through the worksheets in quiet, reflect on your insights and are very self-driven to take action.

In the first 12 weeks, you will follow the basis curriculum to help you DESIGN the Life you Love.

  • 3 weeks of new information, tools and worksheets
  • Week 4 of each module gives you time to reflect deeper, catch up and IMPLEMENT
  • 1-hour Q&A call on Zoom in week 4 to deepen your learning and forward your ACTION

Do you want more accountability and ensure that you get big results? Maybe the Insider Club Plus is for you!

Option 2: Insider Club PLUS

This if for you, who LOVES exchanging ideas with others, who is energised by working in groups – and maybe you also need the little extra push every now and then. In the Insider Club Plus you get much more ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT.

In this membership you get everything from the basic membership PLUS extra SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY to ensure you stay on track with your progress. Here is exactly what you can expect:

  • A group of maximum 6 people who support each other
  • 2-hour group caching call on Zoom in week 4 with the same group of 6 participants – going deeper together!
  • Email check-in in week 2 of each module – for more reflection and accountability

ONLY 6 SPOTS for “Lead the Life” Insider Club PLUS

BONUS for Quick Movers

Join by Wednesday and get a super valuable bonus that will boost your results of the membership:

2-hour live workshop on how to set authentic, heart-felt, inspiring goals

on Monday, October 15 at 10:00 CET*

  • Extra focus on how to use the provided material
  • Confidence booster by gaining clarity on your true, authentic goals
  • An action guide on what your first steps will look like

And this bonus disappears for good in:


*Replay will be delivered to your inbox out if you can’t make it

Hi, my name is Franziska and I am an Authenticity & Personal Leadership Coach.
My mission is to help you discover, design and lead the Life you Love. I am passionate about what I do, because there has been a time in my life, where I didn’t feel super happy and fulfilled. I wasn’t really unhappy either, but I sensed that there must be more to life. That I had much more potential in me. Days passed by and I lacked and longed for a feeling of joy, abundance and freedom. At the end of the day, after accomplishing all the things I had to and running errands, I typically felt exhausted.
I wasn’t ready to settle and wanted to find out how I could change that.
My individual, authentic path led through a coaching training. I gained high self-awareness and discovered the choice that I had in life. I strongly believe that the Life you Love means having a deep knowledge of yourself – your authentic values, unique strengths and compelling vision – and by living your life courageously aligned to those values, strengths and vision.
Discover the Life you Love – don’t settle with less!

Are you not sure if this is right for you? Schedule a call with me now, and we will find out together. The call is non-binding and has the sole purpose to explore where you stand right now, what your desired life would more look like and which steps you can take towards that destination.